Book List for Florida Native Plants

Reference list for studying native plants


  • Hammer, Roger L.:  Everglades Wildflowers—Listing arranged according to color, with explanations of scientific names and  medicinal uses
  • Taylor, Walter Kingsley:  Florida Wildflowers in Their Natural Communities–Listing arranged according to habitat, with photographs; use as an adjunct to Taylor’s Guide to Florida Wildflowers
  • Taylor, Walter Kingsley:  The Guide to Florida Wildflowers–Thorough listing, arranged by color

Trees and Woody Shrubs

  • Haehle, Robert G. and Joan Brookwell:  Native Florida Plants: Low-Maintenance Landscaping And Gardening–Lush Photographs and descriptions of native trees and shrubs
  • Nelson, Gil:  Florida’s Best Native Landscape Plants–Lovely drawings and photos of each plant with extensive details on growing.
  • Nelson, Gil:  The Trees of Florida–Thorough listing with both drawings and photographs
  • Nelson, Gil:  Shrubs and Woody Vines of Florida–Thorough listing with both drawings and photographs
  • Workman, Richard W.:  Growing Native: Native Plants for Landscape Use in Coastal South Florida–Classic, written on Sanibel in 1980, but now out of print; often available online, used, for about $40, but, from time to time, can be found for, a few dollars on island, in used book shop, library book stall, or thrift stores


  • Nellis, David W.:  Seashore Plants of South Florida and the Caribbean.  Good listing, with small photographs, of plants on both bayside and beach front
  • Nelson, Gil:  The Ferns of Florida–Thorough listing with drawings and pictures
  • Tobe, John:  Florida Wetland Plants, An Identification Manual.  Thorough listing, with drawings and photos, of many plants hard to find otherwise
  • Wunderlin, Richard P. and Bruce F. Hansen:  Guide to Vascular Plants of Florida—official state flora, with no pictures, but standard descriptions for botanists; use only most recent edition or online version, with wonderful pictures,