First Sea Turtle Nest Hatches on Captiva

On Sunday, June 12th, the fist loggerhead sea turtle nest monitored by SCCF hatched on Captiva! Eighty-one hatchlings made their way to the Gulf of Mexico, giving us some good news after Tropical Storm Colin.

Please remember to be sea turtle friendly since both nesting adults and now hatchlings are sharing our beaches.

To report a dead or injured sea turtle, please contact our new SCCF Sea Turtle Hotline at 978-728-3663 (978-SAVE-ONE)

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Facts 

  • Loggerheads are one of seven species of sea turtles in the world
  • Nesting/Hatching season occurs from April 15 through October 31
  • Adult loggerheads can grow to more than 3-feet long and weigh 200 to 350 lbs
  • A female loggerhead may nest around 36 times per season
  • Each nest contains 100 or more leathery ping-pong ball sized eggs
  • Incubation takes about 55 to 65 days depending on sand temperatures
  • It may take 30 years or more for loggerhead hatchlings to reach maturity

How You Can Help

  • Turn off or shield all lights that are visible from the beach. Avoid using flashlights on the beach. If necessary, use amber or red LED bulbs
  • Do not disturb the screens covering nests. They prevent eggs from being eaten by predators and the hatchlings emerge through the holes without assistance
  • Remove all beach furniture and equipment from the beach at night
  • Dispose of fishing line properly to avoid wildlife entanglement
  • Fill in large holes that can trap hatchlings
  • Do not disturb nesting turtles – please do not to get too close, shine lights on, or take flash photos of nesting sea turtles
  • Pick up litter