Oyster Reef Constructed at Punta Rassa


A large reef (200 cubic yards, 1 acre) was constructed this week at Punta Rassa. The reef was an idea that SCCF Marine Lab Director, Eric Milbrandt, discussed with Mike Campbell of Lee County Natural Resources over the past several years. The benefits of oyster reefs are to provide habitat and filtration of water, but the added benefit of this particular reef is that it is in a high traffic area with high education impact. Several educational signs and a video will be produced to inform visitors and others using the Punta Rassa ramp about the benefits of oyster reefs and the importance to our ecosystem. The site was permitted by SCCF in 2015 through the state of Florida and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Funds and equipment for the construction were provided by Lee County, Lee Reefs, and Kelly Brothers Marine Contractors, along with other partners.