Quick Action Needed on Water Quality Standards for Harmful Chemicals

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 26, the Florida DEP is asking the  Florida Environmental Regulation Commission (ERC) to approve allowing  higher levels of  89 known carcinogens and/or human health-based toxic chemicals in Florida’s rivers and estuaries.

Please take a moment to send the formatted letter or compose your own letter to the ERC today to object to allowing higher pollution levels in Florida’s waters.

DEP’s proposed criteria are significantly weaker than the federal EPA  (Environmental Protection Agency) recommendations. If approved these chemicals would be allowed in our drinking water, shell fishing areas, swimming and fishing waters at significantly higher amounts than EPA recommends.

The time to speak out against this is Today. Help us protect Florida’s water quality by sending a letter today.
act now

The ERC will be live-streamed tomorrow online.

Webcast details are as follows:
DATE:  Tuesday, July 26, 2016
TIME:   9 a.m.
WEB ADDRESS: Access webcast here. Click on ERC LIVE webcast button.