Volunteer to Restore Oyster Reefs

Oyster Rest

Want to help SCCF restore healthy, productive oyster reefs to San Carlos and Tarpon Bays?  Volunteer with us beginning this Wednesday, November 4!  Events will be held three days a week from 9-12, although you are more than welcome to stay after lunch to help the Marine Lab staff as they continue with the restoration efforts.  This week we will have work days only on Wednesday and Thursday starting from the Sanibel Boat Ramp.  Volunteers please register (if you have not already) athttp://marinelab.sccf.org/signup/.  Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

This week’s work plan will include filling buckets with fossilized shell and transporting them to the Tarpon Bay boat ramp, loading the buckets onto a barge and transporting them to the restoration site, and finally dumping the shell.  This is very physical work so come prepared with clothes that can get dirty and wet and close-toed shoes that can get wet.  Close-toed shoes are a requirement—no exceptions.

Work days and plans for the following week will be sent out on Fridays to those individuals who have registered through the above link.  If you have any questions please email Sarah at sbridenbaugh@sccf.org or call the SCCF Marine Lab at 239-395-4617.