Vote Yes on Conservation 20/20 & No on Amendment 1 November 8th!


Whether you vote absentee or in person your vote is crucial in this year’s general election.

For the past 20 years the Conservation 20/20 program supported by taxpayers in 1996 has been hugely successful in protecting 25,000 acres of wild spaces all across Lee County. These preserves provide vital quality of life, environmental and economic benefits by helping to protect waterways and drinking water supplies, preserving wildlife habitat and offering recreational opportunities for residents and visitors that drive our tourism economy.

The willing seller program was conceived in the early 1990s when Lee County had the lowest percentage of conservation lands of all Gulf Coast counties. Lee County continues to be one of Florida’s fastest growing counties but ranks only 39th of 67 counties in total conservation land and ranks 61 of 67 in acres preserved per person.

Lee County’s tourism generates $3 billion dollars per year for our local economy. An economic study of the program concluded that tourist spending funded one full time job for every 2.6 acres of land conserved. Visitors report that Lee’s clean unspoiled environment is a key reason for choosing Lee County. This election we vote to continue this hugely successful program that balances conservation preserves with developed areas to provide and protect our clean economy.

Let’s Continue the Success! On November 8 Vote Yes on Conservation 20/20 – Learn more here!

Support More Solar in the Sunshine State ~ Vote No on Amendment 1

unnamedAmendment 1 threatens Florida’s solar energy growth even as Florida is already experiencing impacts from sea level rise. We must promote, not inhibit, the use of clean sources of energy.

Here are three reasons to vote No on Amendment 1 this November:

1. It’s funded by Florida’s big utilities to protect their monopolies and limit customer-owned solar.

2. It paves the way for barriers that would penalize solar customers.

3. It promises rights and protections that Florida citizens already have.

Florida Power and Light, Duke Energy, Tampa Electric and Gulf Power created a political committee called Consumers for Smart Solar to craft this deceptive amendment to codify the utility’s ability to limit customer owned solar by imposing fees and penalties on solar customers.

Over 85 organizations, associations, elected officials, and candidates have joined together to oppose Amendment 1! But the monopoly utilities continue to spend millions to deceive voters.

Don’t be fooled. Amendment 1 will continue to move customer-owned solar out of reach for many of Florida’s families and businesses, and drag state solar policy backwards. Vote No.

Learn more here –

To become law, Amendment 1 would need the approval of at least 60 percent of voters.