Your Donations at Work: Interns Make the Difference


Different groups of people work together to advance SCCF’s mission. They include two dozen staff members, hundreds of volunteers and donors, and – for the next few months, anyway – six terrific interns.

Smiling above from left to right, we are pleased to introduce Alaina Mahn, Chelsea Petrik, Jess McCulloch, Brandt Quirk-Royal, Liz Beans, and Jenna Beyer.

The wildlife biology work being done by Alaina and Chelsea have them monitoring snowy plover nesting, surveying the population sizes of other shorebird and seabird species, and helping with tank talks and the Nature Center’s wildlife displays. Jess and Liz are making a real impact in the continued rollout of the demonstration gardens at the Native Landscapes & Garden Center at the Bailey Homestead Preserve. Jenna has been helping the Marine Lab scientists by cultivating tape grass which she then plants in five sites along the Caloosahatchee where its growth and survival is monitored. Brandt has returned and is providing much needed technical support for the Sea Turtle Program, especially because the data collection has skyrocketed along with the nesting activity of the last few years.

Seeing these happy and helpful interns really demonstrates why our members support SCCF’s day to day operations.

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